Johnsons' Christmas Corner

The Johnsons' Christmas Corner – Happy Everything!

Welcome to the Johnsons' Christmas Corner in Cypress, TX. Come by and visit us at the Corner and create some holiday traditions of your own!


There are many great vendors out there that supply lights, hardware, software, props and much more for the holidays. Many of these we use and some we endorse even though we don’t necessarily use them.

If you are a vendor, or know of one you want to support and share with the world, use the form at the bottom of the page to send it to us.

Lights & Computer Control:

Light-O-Rama (Computer controllers and software we’ve used since 2007)

Falcon Christmas (DIY computer control)

Holiday Coro (controllers & lighted props)

Lawn Lights (a unique lighting solution)

1000 Bulbs (every light you can think of from right here in Texas)

Creative Displays (great selection of LED and other lighting products)

Illumimax (creator of the Frisco Square display; awesome products & amazing service)

Synchronized Christmas (Light-O-Rama Partner located here in Texas)

Santa Supplies:

Planet Santa

Costumes for Santa

Santa Suit Express (great quality and excellent explanation on suits)

Halco (no individual sales but our choice for our suits)

Act One Costumes (where we get our Santa beards and mustaches)

Faces FX (amazing makeup supplier; we use the ProsAdhesive from here for Santa’s beard)

Fireworks & Pyro Supplies: (best source for quality remote firing and ignitors)

Pyro Direct (great source for all of your firework supplies)

Big Fireworks (our choice for fireworks)

Spirit of ’76 (another fireworks vendor we’ve used over the years)

Props & Stuff:

3G Lighting Creations (amazing custom wireframes- you dream it, they’ll build it)

Famous Stages (formerly Cheap Lights (located in Houston, this is where we get our bubble and snow machines)

Demented Elf Productions (top-notch service and our choice for our display voice-overs)

Holiday Technologies (Ryan’s old friend Drew Hickman has just about everything you can imagine)

HoliSpheres (unique prop that definitely stands out)

Want to get on this list?  Submit below:

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