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Hanging Lights With Colonnade Lite Strips

One of the biggest questions we get about our display is how do we turn this:

Into this:

When we first saw this house in December 2004 (before buying it in January 2005) one of the first things Ryan said was “Wouldn’t that house look awesome covered in lights, from the roofline to the foundation?”  Rachel looked at him like he was crazy, but knew that the idea was now firmly implanted in his head.

Ryan found someone right here in Houston who creates and sells the Light Clip Strips. His name is Fred Blanton and he is the owner of Colonnade International Lighting.  Fred’s strips are the best way we have seen to easily hang lights on the house, and work in many different shapes, sizes, etc.

The strips we use are the 60″ brown plastic, with the green mini-light clips.  But there are many, many, many other products, colors, and materials that Colonnade offers.  Check out their website for info on metal track, larger bulb holders, etc.  There’s a lot of stuff there that can work on almost any home.  If you don’t see it, shoot Fred an email and ask.

There are a lot of opinions on how to hang lights on your brick.  We certainly wouldn’t tell people that their way is wrong, but this is what works for us.

Above is a Colonnade Light Clip Strip. Below is a closer look at the “ridge” the clips attach to.

The picture to the left shows the end of one of the strips.  As you can see these are all one piece and I have never had any issues of one breaking.


The strips are also very flexible (see the photo on the right), and can be used around arc’d windows and doors, or even in a complete circle.  I know some people who use them to make arches as well.

These are the mini clips that we use.  The pictures are a little bigger than actual size, but not by much. The smaller end of the clip snaps easily, but securely into place on the ridge of the strip.  The larger end holds the mini light in place very well.

Different views on the clips installed on the strip:

One of the good things about the Colonnade products is that they come in a variety of colors and different sizes/types to hold different sizes of lights.

Close up of the bulb installed in the clip (left).  A group of lights all spaced apart on the strip (right):

We use marine glue to hold the strip to the brick.  Many people don’t want to attach it to the brick/siding permanently, but no one notices the strip unless they know it’s there.  We have been asked if hot glue will work, but have never used it ourselves.

This is a picture of the strips installed under the window.  You can’t see the strip unless you’re looking for it.

The strip installed on top of the window:

You can space the clips apart however works for you and your display. The pictures below are examples of how you can use the strip in different ways.

The image on the left is installed vertically along the side of our doorway. The middle shows a strip installed on top of the door frame.  The far right shows the doorway again. From this vantage point, which is higher than where people would actually stand, you cannot see the strip at all.


Some photos of the lights all installed:

If you have any questions about these, visit