Johnsons' Christmas Corner

The Johnsons' Christmas Corner – Happy Everything!

Welcome to the Johnsons' Christmas Corner in Cypress, TX. Come by and visit us at the Corner and create some holiday traditions of your own!

Meet The Family

We are the Johnson family from Cypress Texas. We moved into our home in January of 2005 and have been decorating it ever since. Before we lived here we decorated but nothing like we’ve done over the last 10+ years! We do this for our community and friends and we hope you enjoy the shows!

The Parents…

Rachel is a digital marketing manager with Top Spot Marketing in Houston.  She is also a freelance writer who has been published online and in anthology books.  Even though she is a professional AND a Momma she also finds time to be a photographer who has worked on photo shoots since 2011. Click here to see more about her photography.

Ryan is our Santa and the mind (madness?) behind our light display and pyro show. He has worked in marketing and training development for over 12 years in various industries (retail, hospitals and private practices, and oil/gas).  He currently works with Gecko Robotics where he develops and coordinates reporting for inspections (don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense.  No one else quite knows either, even when he tries to explain it).  He also never seems to be around when Santa is at the display.  Hmmm… why is that?

Both also have roles in our Marketing/Training consulting business, JAX Creative.

Rachel and Ryan were married in 2000 and have been decorating ever since.

The Kiddos…

Kierstin is our oldest daughter. After years as a full time nanny for a special needs child, she has moved into the “stay-at-home-mom” world. Kierstin lives on her own (17 houses away!) with her fiancé Jake and they brought our first grandbaby into the world in July 2020. We’re very proud of both Kierstin and Jake for their hard work, commitment to their family, and for being independent. Kierstin inherited our love for animals and has four little kitties and a possum (you read that right!) that are every bit her “babies” as well!

Hayley is our middle daughter.  She loves music, painting and writing and is definitely our artistic one!  When she was 4 she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes which, as you can imagine, changed our family but also made us all closer.

Hayley’s love of music is varied and she’s been to several concerts with her friends.  If you put a paintbrush in her hand she’s bound to paint something… sometimes on the walls of her room!  In high school she was the President of the CyFair HS National Art Honor Society and a member of the National Honor Society as well as several other organizations at school.

She started at Sam Houston University in 2020 as a Special Education major and she graduated (a whole year early!) in Spring of 2023.  She is now a high school teacher at CyFalls High School in CFISD and we could not be more proud to watch the young woman she has become.

Riley is the baby of the family, even though she is officially “an adult”!  Like her sisters, she works hard at school and does very well.  She is the “momma” of the three girls (just ask Kierstin and Hayley and they’ll tell you!).  She is an assistant manager at Rosehill Pet Resort, which is appropriate because she is a huge animal lover.

Her future is in nursing, and she started nursing school in 2021. She is absolutely our “social butterfly”!

And Our Furry Kiddos…

– Jaxon is our 9 year old “mini” pig (no such thing- mini doesn’t mean small).  He’s a grumpy old man but he is his Momma’s baby boy.

– Burger and Bobbi are our kitty daughters.  We rescued them in 2017 and they’re become members of the family we couldn’t imagine life without.

Our pets are very much a part of our family and it’s been difficult when we’ve lost them.  The ones below have gone to the Rainbow Bridge (except Sookie (bottom) who moved on to a family with no other pets; best thing for her!) and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of them.

– Bridget, our first golden retriever, was our first dog together as a family.  She was Kierstin’s 5th birthday present and we couldn’t have asked for a better puppy.

– Sawyer was our ferret (Rachel loves them!) and he was certainly a ball of energy!

– Katzen and Zach were Ryan’s kitties for many, many years.  They moved across the country with him no matter where he went.

– Grace was Rachel’s baby, no doubt about it.  She was something special and a crazy boxer that made us laugh all the time!

– Bob was a rescue for us and Riley’s boa constrictor.  Friends couldn’t believe she kept a 9 foot snake in her bedroom!

– Chips, our chocolate lab, was another rescue from a family that couldn’t keep her.  She lived a long, happy life was the easiest dog we ever had.

– Snowy was a rescue kitty who came along with Burger and Bobbi.  She was a sweet and funny cat who really took to Hayley.

– Ali was our second Golden Retriever, who loved her Momma and Daddy pretty much more than anything in the world. When she passed in August of 2021 it marked the first time we did not have a dog in our home.  We’re still very sad about her leaving us so we’re not quite ready for a new baby yet.

We had two babies that moved to new homes:

– Boo was Ryan’s medium sulfur-crested cockatoo since 1994.  She was all his, although she did let Rachel feed and pet her.  When Riley was born it was hard for her to be around so many kids so she went to live with a widower in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who had lost his wife. They’re like an old married couple now!

– Sookie was a black lab mix who was crazy hyper.  Because of some things in her past she had some aggression issues with the other dogs when food was involved.  She had to move on to a better home for her with no other dogs and has been right at home ever since.