Johnsons' Christmas Corner

The Johnsons' Christmas Corner – Happy Everything!

Welcome to the Johnsons' Christmas Corner in Cypress, TX. Come by and visit us at the Corner and create some holiday traditions of your own!

Sponsors & Advertising

We want to help support our community in all aspects.  Obviously we have a holiday focus but we also want to help the business owners regardless of their industry.  We incur the expense of the website and hosting and so there are opportunities to help in that regard but that is based upon the business, objective and what you want to show off!

$100: Customer page on our website and posting on our social media.  We’ll keep an eye on your business pages and share when we can.

$200: Same as above but with an audio commercial played intermittently during the display hours each night.

Use the form below and we’ll get back to you.  Thanks for considering the sponsorship opportunities with us!