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The Johnsons' Christmas Corner – Happy Everything!

Welcome to the Johnsons' Christmas Corner in Cypress, TX. Come by and visit us at the Corner and create some holiday traditions of your own!

Send Letters to Santa

Send your wish lists and letters to Santa Claus

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the Corner for 2020!

This year has been a real mess in a lot of ways. We’re still in the holiday spirit and are working on the light show.  We’re brainstorming to come up with ideas for safe Santa visits. It’s going to be odd for all of the kiddos out there.  We have some health “stuff” in our family that requires us to be extra vigilant with social distancing but seeing your children and families for Christmas is still a big priority and we hope to still experience that.  And of course we all love to send letters to Santa

Send your wish lists and letters to Santa Claus

So we came up with something that may help bring some fun for families and children…

One of the most fun Christmas activities for kiddos is to make their lists and letters to bring to Santa. Because that will be harder in 2020 we created Your children can shoot Santa their lists and letters, learn some things about the holidays and (hopefully) get their holiday spirit revved up!

Please note: Don’t use .com!  It’s .christmas (how cool is that?  A Christmas domain extension!)

Check it out, share it if you think some others will enjoy it. And make sure your kiddos send letters to Santa! Remember that this is the same as the display website and lightshow: this is not a solicitation or something that costs anything. Just something to help bring some joy to people.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus Signature