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Fireworks Hate & How To Avoid It

June and December are the regular time periods where fireworks go on sale and people will be upset by the noise, trash, and loud gatherings. If you have found your way here to our website, you already know that we do large fireworks shows on July 4th. We shoot legally, safely, and respectfully. Our show is big, and it is not hand fired. It is controlled by electronic firing systems and it’s a show, meaning it builds to certain points and certain effects. I am also the only shooter so others can enjoy their adult beverages!  Every year we see posts on social media about issues that people have with fireworks, and we reply by posting to help others understand the legalities and safety of shooting.  With this in mind, we share facts to help stop arguments and false statements before they start…

Safety with Fireworks

NOTE: Some of the information on this page are specific to where we live (Harris County, Texas) but the safety aspects apply anywhere. For specifics about your state, you should check out this page from Big Fireworks (who are one of our product suppliers): State Regulations of Fireworks.

  • Fireworks may be purchased in unincorporated areas of Harris County from June 24-July 4. If you see any stands actively selling before or after that, call the constables office.
  • Fireworks may be fired any time, any day, in Harris County provided the KBDI is not in an active drought status. You may use this to help you follow that index:
  • There are no “noise ordinances” in unincorporated Harris County. There can be nuisance complaints about pretty much anything but please don’t use Houston noise ordinances in relation to our area. It’s simply not correct to say otherwise.
  • Often there are specific items that cannot be fired due to safety. This is normally items that have “fins” like bottle rockets and Saturn Missiles. We never shoot these types of fireworks because they are so unreliable in terms of their path and potential landing places.
  • For more legal information on Fireworks laws in Texas CLICK HERE.

So now a couple things to keep in mind, regardless of where you are located:


  • Do not let kids fire things. We never think anything bad will happen, but did you know that a simple sparkler is 1800F to 3000F. These burn so fast that they can’t burn you… or so they say. Pointing bottle rockets is just plain stupid and scary and if I see anyone (including anyone’s children) doing so I will, and have, stopped and gotten out of the car to make it stop. Shoot them up, and for God’s sake shoot them from a (wait for it…) bottle! That is how they are intended.
  • If you shoot artillery shells do so only one at a time. I have seen people hurt badly by doing stupid things like inserting 2 shells in the same tube at the same time. The lift charge on the bottom of the shell is not meant to life two or more and it will explode lower than expected, which is dangerous.
  • Don’t look down into a tube to “see if it went off”.
  • Don’t try to re-light something that didn’t go off. Soak it and throw it away.
  • Have water nearby. – Don’t shoot under the influence. I’ve been doing this a long time in a big show, and I don’t have a drop until the last piece has gone off.
  • SOAK SOAK SOAK the pieces that have fired until they float! LOL. People lose their homes every year because they do not soak their pyro appropriately and it catches something on fire. Use water like crazy!


Avoid Fireworks Hate!

  • Shoot at reasonable times. We shoot far more than anyone else in the area as far as a I know, and it happens from approximately 9PM and ends no later than 10PM. No one wants to hear explosive noises going off for days on end until all hours of the morning. Try to consider that and limit your time to shoot.
  • Clean up after yourself. We have a ton of trash that falls from the sky, and we clean it up the next day. Be considerate and do the same.
  • Tell your neighbors what you’re doing. You would be amazed at how much easier things go when the people around you know in advance and can decide what’s best for themselves, pets, etc.
  • You will see people post about PTSD and I get it. I served. But if people know in advance, they can prepare by either going elsewhere, taking prescribed meds to relax or other means. They fought for our freedom so communicate and be considerate (do you see a pattern in this? LOL).
  • We have pets and of course they don’t understand loud noises. But they are also not traumatized forever by them either. There are several ways to help your pets during the celebrations. Here are some good tips to help with that from  Jolly Pets.

The real bottom line is those two words: consideration and communication. Hopefully, this info helps a bit when the threads start being posted. Celebrate safely! If anyone has ANY questions about fireworks, please message me or email us here. We are always more than happy to help and share our experiences.